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Elan Modular Balconies

The Spectrum Range

Neaco’s Elan Glass Modular Balconies are stylish with a sleek clearview toughened glass finish, creating the ultimate high-end aesthetic.

In Our Element

Manufactured from 6063 T4 / T6 Aluminium to the BS EN 755 standard series


A2 Fire Rated and fully compliant with BS EN 13501-1

Extremely Durable

Has a design life of 60+ years and comes with our 25 Year Warranty*

Our Elan balconies provide a stylish, minimalist alternative to our Spectrum Modular Balconies.

Environmentally Friendly

100% recyclability manufactured from 77% recycled aluminium

Superior Loadings

Designed to suit the following loading requirements: 0.74kN/m

Toughened Glass

Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12150-1:2000

Unique Shoe

Encapsulates the glass to run from the top rail to the floor with no gaps

Glass Types

Clear Toughened Glass
Etched Glass
Tinted Glass
Film Coated






Base Fixed


Modular Decking
Plank Systems

As one of our most popular infill specifications, toughened glass provides a versatile and adaptable option and adheres to the BS EN12600 Standard. The predominance of glass provides an unobstructed view out and maximises solar penetration to give interiors plenty of warmth and natural light.

Applied to our toughened safety glass, we can add a distinctive design feature with graphics to add to your bespoke aesthetics. This could include a logo, pattern or text.

Our tinted glass panels can moderate the solar penetration without compromising the clarity of the view out. These can be tinted in various colours.

Our Elan Glass Panels are renowned for providing a clear view out, but if required we can apply a coloured film on top of the glass to provide greater privacy or add a touch of colour.

The ovular top rail provides an option with a profile which is wider than the tubular rail. For Structural Glass, this toprail can be manufactured in stainless or aluminium.

Centric is our original stanchion, offering smooth, classic styling with an optional stem bracket. Centric is a highly flexible option with the ability to adapt to most angles or bends.

If you want sharp, clean looks, Quad's square profile is an excellent choice. Its contemporary style has made it a popular specification for high-end projects.

Neaco’s base fixing detail utilises our custom extruded profile base plate, providing a solid platform for the stanchion to locate onto. This stanchion fixing method is ideal when fixing into solid structures such as structural steelwork.

Modular decking is over 12x faster to install compared to plank decking. It requires significantly fewer fixings and the cutting, coating and edging are carried out off-site. Our range of Modular Aluminium Decking systems are ideal for balcony flooring, fully compliant with all relevant building regulations, they offer a wide range of advantages in comparison to other decking materials, click here to decide which decking you would like on your custom modular balcony.

Our aluminium planking system is designed to replicate the aesthetics of traditional timber and composite decking but complying with the latest government’s Building Regulations. Spanning to superior capabilities and having a high slip resistance, these planks are ideal for refurbishments that need to remove the timber without losing the traditional aesthetics.

Balustrade Colour Range

Our aluminium balustrade and decking can be manufactured in mill finish or powder-coated in a wide range of RAL colours. They can be offered in both nylon and polyester, nylon being a preferred application on superior chemical resistance, providing the highest level of abrasion resistance. Whereas polyester is favoured for weather and UV resistance, providing more excellent colour stability than nylon, which will fade faster with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Bespoke RAL colours can be achieved here at Neaco as we have our own in-house powder coating plant. The powder coating gives all our products a particular finish which is non-chip, permanent, hardwearing and abrasion-resistant.

Jet Black
RAL 9005
Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016
Agate Grey
RAL 7038
Sapphire Blue
RAL 5003
Ruby Red
RAL 3003
Golden Yellow
RAL 1004
White Aluminium
Light Oak
Dark Oak

 Encapsulated View

Most balcony designs secure glass infill panels in place by attaching them to the stanchions with a clip, but Elan’s glass panels are secured by a top rail above and a subtle floor channel below to encapsulate the glass.



In accordance with BS EN12600 class 1, our toughened glass panel infills are typically 10mm thick and can be clear or tinted to create the ultimate penetration. For a more distinctive extra touch, we can also apply graphics on glass panels to generate a tailored etched Design. Whatever you desire, we are here to help.

Balcony Decking Flooring Options


Using our swage-locked construction gives your decking needs superior strength and spanning capability. It has a specially engineered anti-slip surface, to ensure high slip resistance when wet along bars.

Fire Rating: A1 Fire Rated
Surface contact area: 84% with widths of 5mm making it heel safe
Materials used: load-bearing bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T6 & swage bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T4
Recycled content: 77% (data available upon request) Free air rate 16% (5mm gap Neatdek)

Neatdek with inserts

Neaco also provides an alternative version of Neatdek compromising inserts within the gaps between the bars, still ensuring high slip resistance but also providing directional drainage and avoiding the need for a soffit.

Fire Rating: A2 Fire Rated
Surface contact area: 100% as the inserts provide full coverage
Materials used: load-bearing bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T6 & swage bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T4
Recycled content: 77% (finished product is also 100% recyclable)

Neatdek 188

Developed from our original T-bar profile, our Neatdek 188 features a concealed-gap surface that creates total privacy while keeping the free-flowing drainage, making this the most unique modular decking.

Fire Rating: A1 Fire Rated
Surface contact area: 100%
Materials used: load-bearing bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T6 & swage bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T

Neatdek HW

An adaptation of the original Neatdek, Neatdek HW is a closed-grille system which offered a generous contact area in flooring application, yet allows water and other liquids to drain discreetly away via a series of integrated channels between bars.

Fire Rating: A1 Fire Rated
Surface contact area: 90%
Materials used: load-bearing bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T6 & swage bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T4


Neatwalk is an aluminium planking system that is fitted with 5mm drainage gaps and provides a non-combustible alternative to traditional timber and composite decking to keep up with all the latest building regulations.

Fire Rating: A1 Fire Rated
Surface contact area: 96%


Neatdek HW is a closed-grille system which offers a generous contact area in flooring applications, yet allows water and other liquids to drain discreetly away via a series of integrated channels between bars.

Fire Rating: A1 Fire Rated
Surface contact area: 100%

Decking Colour Range

Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016
Beige Grey
RAL 7006
Dusty Grey
RAL 7037


What is a modular system?
Modular systems provide a huge range of modular components which are precision- manufactured off-site to an exacting standard, deliv­ered to the site and then assembled on-site. This means factory-controlled quality, faster installation, less mess, less waste and less energy con­sumption than products which are fabricated on-site. Spectrum's modular components are assembled with an internal connection system which requires no external fixtures and no welding for an ultra-smooth finish.
Why do Neaco manufacture in aluminium?
Aluminium is a great building material for many reasons: it provides maintenance-free durability and is also non-toxic, corrosive-free, non-combustible and 100% recyclable - a particularly useful feature for our Genesis industrial system designed for eco-friendly performance in the harshest environments. The permanent finish of Neaco’s nylon powder coating - a standard specification on most Spectrum systems - provides smooth, clean lines for comfortable touch and high aesthetic value. It is also worth noting that our stainless-steel systems provide many similar benefits.
Are the balconies supply only or can Neaco supply and install them?
Neaco can provide either package you desire. Our balconies are designed for fast installation, particularly our Juliet balconies which are available in packs of standard sizes and delivered within 3 weeks of ordering with all components ready to assemble. If you would instead have neaco take care of the installation, we can arrange for our team of fitters to carry out the work.
What type of glass is used when specified on a balcony?
Neaco always uses glass which is toughened in accordance with BS EN12600. We recommend a glass panel thickness of at least 10mm.
Do neaco offer bespoke solutions?
Yes, absolutely. Over the years we have worked with numerous architects and designers to incorporate bespoke features outside of our standard specifications, including light fittings to the top of stanchions, etched designs to glass infills and structural glass installed at unusual angles. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and adaptability of our technical support services, so please feel free to discuss your particular requirements with one of our team.

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