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Swage-Lock Technology

There are many features that set our decking solutions apart, from the range of precision-engineered T-bar profiles to innovative built-in drainage systems, but one of the most important is their swage-locked construction which is unique to the market.

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About the Swage Press


Neaco have been at the forefront of modular decking design for over five decades. We pioneered the concept of non-combustible aluminium decking long before the industry widely adopted it in response to Grenfell. Various competitors have followed us into the market, but none offer the expertise of our in-house technical team and the unique qualities of our decking systems.



Our swage press carries 150 tons of pressure onto the swage bars that go through our aluminium T bar extrusions to expand the bars into the square holes so the bars are locked into place, with no need for hot works or welding, and in turn, creating the maximum level of structural integrity.


What is swage-locking?


Neaco have invested in advanced swage manufacturing technology which forms a vital part of our factory facilities. Our bespoke swage machine has been installed and configured to ensure our industrial flooring, architectural grilles and decking for balconies, walkways and terraces are lightweight yet exceptionally high in load-bearing capability.



This is made possible with outstanding structural efficiency achieved by passing a swage bar through the load bar without cutting into the top or bottom edge, thus providing a panel of great rigidity and strength.

The Advantages


Available in lengths of up to 7m long by a nominal 992mm wide, our aluminium decking panels are approximately 1/3 of the weight of steel panels  yet non-corrosive and easy to install.


Due to fire safety requirements, steel joists are now widely used instead of timber joists, but steelwork is expensive. That means substantial savings can be made with our decking because its structurally efficient design needs fewer supporting joists.


With Neaco’s aluminium decking systems, joists are only required at centres of between 700mm and 2050mm (depending on the profile depth) compared to around 450mm for many plank alternatives.


The swage-locking technology is used across all our flooring products, from industrial flooring to balcony decking. All these benefits apply.