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Terms & Conditions of Purchase


(Unless otherwise agreed in writing)

  1. No goods are to be supplied without our official order.
  2. Advice Notes: To be sent the same day as goods are despatched and must bear the Official Order number. Statement of Weights Number of Pieces etc.
  3. Packages: Orders are placed with the stipulation that no charge is made for packing cases or covering material but empties if of sufficient value will be returned carriage paid as soon as circumstances permit.  In no instances should the money values of packages be entered on invoices or monthly statements.
  4. Delivery: Shall be of the essence and must be effected within the time stated on Order, failing which, we reserve the right to purchase elsewhere.
  5. Carriage: All goods to be delivered by carriage paid to our works.
  6. Invoices: All invoices must bear the Official Order Number or Numbers and date and to be rendered within two days after the goods are delivered. Please ensure all invoices are submitted with 5 days of month end. Failure to do so will render the invoice date as one month after.
  7. Payment Terms: Our Payment Terms are 30 days end of month, following the invoice date.
  8. Goods will not be accepted unless strictly in accordance with drawing or pattern if sent and otherwise to specification and of first-class material and workmanship.  No modifications are to be made without our written authority and no increase in the arranged price can be considered unless our definite agreement in writing is obtained before the extra work is commenced. All are subject to our authorised representatives in the section.  See also special conditions below (where applicable).  Where these special conditions apply this will be indicated on the face of our Purchase Order.
  9. The price stated on our Official Purchase Order is final and no extra can be charged for advanced costs of materials, labour, and other circumstances (unless otherwise specified on our Official Order).
  10. Goods rejected will be returned to the sender.  Carriage Forward, or will lie at our works or other places of delivery at the Supplier’s risk and expense.
  11. Supplier shall indemnify us against any claim for royalties or damages in connection with patents rights, copyright or other industrial property rights.
  12. We reserve the right to suspend or re-schedule delivery in the event of a strike, lockout, accident, fire or other unforeseen circumstances.  This clause will not be unreasonably applied.
  13. The Supplier undertakes to indemnify us against all claims and costs which may be incurred at Common Law, or under the Workmen’s Compensation Act, in respect of any accident which may occur through the acts of the supplier and the Supplier’s employees while working at our client’s premises.
  14. The price shall include all testing and the cost of all test pieces and certificates (where specified).  These requirements will be indicated on our enquiry or invitation to tender and no extra charges will be accepted.  If the separate price for these tests etc., is not shown on your quotation or bid it will be assumed to have been included in the price for the goods or services.
  15. Guarantee: The Supplier shall replace free of all charge and or all items proving defective or inoperable due to faulty materials, workmanship or design within a period of twelve calendar months after the date of delivery.  Due allowances will be made for fair wear and tear.
  16. We accept no responsibility for goods delivered to a site or address other than our own or goods claimed to have been so delivered unless a copy of your advice note duly signed by a person authorised to receive the goods is enclosed with your invoice.


(Where these Special Conditions apply this will be so stated on the face of the Purchase Order.)

  1. The materials/products covered by this Purchase Order may be subject to inspection and tests during manufacture and/or on completion of work by ourselves or our appointed agents.
  2. Sub-contract Orders: Four copies of all orders sub-contracted by the main supplier together with relevant technical information shall be supplied to our Quality Assurance Manager within seven days of the placing of such orders with the subcontractor.  All such sub-contract orders shall contain all information relative to the product quality requirements and shall clearly state the required delivery date which must be consistent with the delivery promised by the main supplier. Each sub-contract order shall be endorsed by the main supplier to the effect that the materials/products are to progress and final inspection by ourselves or our appointed agents unless a written waiver has been issued by us.
  3. Concessions: Any necessary deviation from the specification and/or drawings relative to the Purchase order must be submitted immediately in writing for approval by us.  Telephone conversations must be confirmed in writing, within three days Applications under this clause must give a comprehensive account of the situation stating the extent of the deviations involved and the reasons for such deviations.
  4. Responsibilities: Whether or not inspection is carried out by us or our appointed agents the main supplier is in no way absolved from the responsibility of carrying out complete works inspections and tests.  Copies of any inspection reports or test certificated must be forwarded to us. Final inspection and test for acceptance of the materials/products shall be at our premises and in all cases inspection shall be one hundred per cent.  The main supplier is responsible that all sub-contractors are made fully aware of inspection requirements.
  5. Acknowledgement of our Purchase Orders in whatsoever form will be deemed to also acknowledge acceptance of our conditions of purchase.