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The Neaco Process

52,500 sq. ft. Space

Neaco thrives from having all our expertise under one roof, which means every stage of the manufacturing process, from survey to installation, is smooth and stress-free for everyone involved.

Manufacture Supply  Install

The Neaco Process

Neaco follows a strict process so that all project programmes are met in a timely manner. We work closely with each other to ensure all our customers are looked after and every project is at the centre of our attention.


Communication is at the forefront of our work. We can support projects at every stage of development and we love to watch the schemes we are involved with become complete. Manufacture is a huge part and here’s why:

Every Stage

The factory layout provides sight of every stage of the manufacturing process. Creating speed and efficiency.

Swage Lock

A 150-tonne hydraulic press creates the unique swage-locking technology on all our flooring products.


Our products are manufactured off-site and delivered on-site as modular units so no need for hot-works.

Powder Coating

Neaco has its own in-house powder coating facilities to provide durable RAL colour coatings of your choice.

What Makes Us Different?

Sourcing and specifying building products can be a complex process. Pressured schedules leave you little time to fully consider the multiple factors that can make a difference – both positive and negative – further down the project timeline. Neaco customers appreciate our ability to ease that pressure, untangle the complexities and enable better decision-making. It’s one of the reasons why we attract so much repeat business.

We are an accredited Balcony Installer and take great pride in completing projects throughout the UK. We are distinguished by our extensive track record of successfully completing a wide range of projects. One of the main attractions for our customers is that we provide modular fire-rated products that increase site efficiency and safety whilst reducing environmental impact.

Data-Driven For Instant Compliance

Neaco’s product development is driven by performance data, compliance and best practices. Our standardised modular systems have already been fully tested to meet project requirements, with all third-party data and supporting documents instantly available to confirm compliance with Building Regulations and industry guidance.

All our aluminium decking has been independently tested to meet fire safety, slip-resistance to the direction of travel and load spans to prove structural integrity.