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Clearline Structural Glass Balustrade

The Spectrum Range

Our Clearline structural glass balustrade provides the ultimate minimalist style without compromising the strength, durability and performance which characterise all Neaco balustrade systems, making it the ideal balustrade for office buildings which require an enhanced architectural aesthetic.

In Our Element

Manufactured from 6063 T4 / T6 Aluminium to the BS EN 755 standard series


A2 Fire Rated and fully compliant with BS EN 13501-1

Extremely Durable

Has a design life of 60+ years and comes with our 25 Year Warranty*

Our Clearline structural glass combines strength and durability with smooth, clean lines, minimalist looks and maximum visibility.

Environmentally Friendly

100% recyclability manufactured from 77% recycled aluminium

Superior Loadings

Designed to suit the following loading requirements: 0.74kN/m, 1.5kN/m

Toughened Glass

Manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12150-1:2000

Range of Colours

Powder Coated Aluminium in a variety of RAL colours

Glass Types

Clear Toughened Glass
Etched Glass
Tinted Glass


Tubular Handrail
Ovular Toprail
Capping Rail


Offset Handrailing


Base Fixed
Side Fixed

As one of our most popular infill specifications, toughened glass provides a versatile and adaptable option and adheres to the BS EN12600 Standard. The predominance of glass provides an unobstructed view out and maximises solar penetration to give interiors plenty of warmth and natural light.

Applied to our toughened safety glass, we can add a distinctive design feature with graphics to add to your bespoke aesthetics. This could include a logo, pattern or text.

Our tinted glass panels can help moderate the solar penetration without compromising the clarity of the view out, making it the perfect choice. They can also be tinted in various colours depending on you requirements.

Our tubular handrail can be manufactured in stainless steel or aluminium depending on your requirement and can be used as an offset handrail or toprail.

The Ovular handrail can only be used as a toprail, providing a wider profile than the tubular rail. This particular toprail can be in stainless or aluminium.

Our Structural Glass can be encapsulated with a slick capping rail, mainly chosen for aesthetic purposes, using 15mm toughened safety glass.

If encapsulated, our structural glass can be 15mm thick due to the channel around the glass. 15mm toughened safety 21.5mm laminated toughened safety glass.

Utilising 21.5mm laminated toughened safety glass our structural glass does not have to be incapsulated.

Utilising 21.5mm laminated toughened safety glass, our structural glass can have an offset handrail attached.

Each glass panel is held within an aluminium track, secured in place with a wedge system and sealed with rubber inserts.

The glass panel can be button fixed onto the side of a structure with stainless steel bolts, otherwise it has to be base fixed on ground floor.

Structural Glass

Our Clearline Structural Glass system utilises an Aluminium bottom track to eliminate the need for the more traditional messy mastic detail. This can house glass thicknesses of 12-21.5mm thick Toughened/Toughened Laminated Glass depending on your design requirements and imposed loads. Our Clearline Structural System can come with or without a capping rail; this includes a round/square Stainless Steel top rail or an Aluminium round toprail. We offer a range of aesthetic options including Low Iron glass, tinting, acid etching and applied emblems/logos.



With glass tested in accordance with BS EN 12600:2002, Clearline has the durability to cope with high-traffic areas and is ideal for buildings likely to be used by children, where safety on staircases and landings is paramount – the system is very difficult for children to climb and there are no gaps through which they could pass.

Standard Colour Range

Our aluminium balustrade top rail can be powder coated in a wide range of RAL colours. It can be offered in both nylon and polyester, nylon being a preferred application on superior chemical resistance, providing the highest level of abrasion resistance. Whereas polyester is favoured for weather and UV resistance, providing greater colour stability than nylon, which will fade faster with prolonged exposure to sunlight. Bespoke RAL colours can be achieved here at Neaco as we have our own in-house powder coating plant. The powder coating gives the balustrade a satin-smooth finish which is non-chip, permanent, hardwearing and abrasion-resistant. Handrails have excellent insulation properties, are warm to the touch and are comfortable to handle.

Jet Black
RAL 9005
Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016
Agate Grey
RAL 7038
Sapphire Blue
RAL 5003
Ruby Red
RAL 3003
Golden Yellow
RAL 1004
White Aluminium
Light Oak
Dark Oak

Ask Us For a Quote

Our friendly, expert team are on hand to speak with you and advise on your requirements.


Can our balustrade be manufactured to bespoke requirements?
Yes, absolutely. Over the years we have worked with numerous architects and designers to incorporate bespoke features outside of our standard specifications, including light fittings to the top of stanchions, etched designs to glass infills and structural glass installed at unusual angles. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and adaptability of our technical support services, so please feel free to discuss your requirements with one of our team members.
What glass types are available?
Our Clearline structural glass balustrade system can accommodate 12-21.5mm thick toughened or toughened laminated glass. We can also offer options of colour tinting and etching to meet your design aesthetics. As an optional extra, we can heat soak each glass panel which accelerates crystallisation, reducing the risk of potential breakages when the glass is in situ.
Is the structural glass suitable in high-traffic areas?
Clearline structural glass is very strong and suitable for high-traffic areas - the glass is toughened in accordance with BS EN12600 class 1. It is ideal for buildings likely to be used by children, where safety on staircases and landings is paramount - the system is very difficult for children to climb and there are no gaps through which they could pass.
What is a modular system?
Modular systems provide a huge range of modular components which are precision- manufactured off-site to an exacting standard, deliv­ered to the site and then assembled on-site. This means factory-controlled quality, faster installation, less mess, less waste and less energy con­sumption than products which are fabricated on-site. Spectrum's modular components are assembled with an internal connection system which requires no external fixtures and no welding for an ultra-smooth finish.
Why do Neaco state our handrails are “warm-to-touch”?
‘Warm-to-touch’ is a well-known phrase when it comes to handrails as it is an important building regulation when a handrail is utilised in high-traffic environments. Document K of the building regulations outlines that handrails should not “become excessively cold or hot to touch” (Ref 1.36 e, pg. 15). This is reinforced by section 5.10.5 of BS 8300. The concept is that handrails provide support on stairs or ramps, however, if the environment is subject to extreme temperatures and the handrail conducts this temperature, then this may cause reluctance to use the handrail and therefore cause a safety risk.
Why do Neaco manufacture in aluminium?
Aluminium is a great building material for many reasons: it provides maintenance-free durability and is also non-toxic, corrosive-free, non-combustible and 100% recyclable - a particularly useful feature for our Genesis industrial system designed for eco-friendly performance in the harshest environments. The permanent finish of Neaco’s nylon powder coating - a standard specification on most Spectrum systems - provides smooth, clean lines for comfortable touch and high aesthetic value. It is also worth noting that our stainless-steel systems provide many similar benefits.
Can I request a specification for a project?
Of course, please contact us, or alternatively look in the Architect Lounge where we have standardized variant BIM Models for Architects only.

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