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Clearview A2 Glass Balconies

The Spectrum Range

Our Fire-Rated Glass Balustrade is the ultimate solution for achieving a safe and compliant view without compromising on style. Eliminating the need for stanchions, the laminated fire-safe glass gives a structural glass presence and can be used in balustrade applications over 18 m when installed within a certified system.

NHBC Approved

The glass has been rigorously assessed and accepted by the NHBC


A2 Fire Rated and fully compliant with BS EN 13501-1


Designed to suit the following loading requirements: 0.74kN/m

Impact Protected

Concealed edge sealant in a stiff steel or aluminium U-shaped channel on all exposed edges

The glass thickness can be modified between 19-33mm depending on the loading protection required. The appearance of the laminated glass is based on the criteria detailed in BS EN ISO 12543-6:2011. The aluminium toprail is powder coated for a maintenance-free finish.

Fire Resistant

Fire safety glass which provides integrity and radiant heat reduction for 60 minutes

High-Rise Compliant

Provides impact-protected performance in keeping with guidance for heights above 18m

Safety Glass

The product consists of toughened glass, conforming to EN12150, laminated with a fireproof interlayer made from nanocomposite silica

Excellent light transmission

offers excellent light transmission and is certified to the 1B1 impact resistance rating according to EN12600

Reach New Heights With Neaco’s Fire-Rated Glass Balustrade

Manufactured for a Euroclass fire safety classification of A2-s1 d0, the product combines toughened glass conforming to EN12150-2 and laminated safety glass which conforms to EN 14449 and creates a fireproof interlayer made from nanocomposite silica. An aluminium bottom track encapsulates the glass which is tested to EN13501-2 for fire performance and has a declaration of EW120/ E120.



When installed within a certified system, our Clearview A2 glass balcony meets all requirements for BS EN 13501, Building Regulations, and relevant guidance documents. It’s also fully tested to meet EN standards on light transmission, solar radiation, sound reduction and environmental weathering.

Modular Decking 

Add our aluminium modular decking to your Clearview A2 Balcony system to make the ultimate fire-proof package. Our decking is manufactured in mill finish or can be powder-coated in a range of durable standard RAL colours. Neaco has its own in-house powder coating facilities which also allows us to provide any durable coated RAL colour of your choosing. The decking is put through our polyester powder-coating plant in our factory due to polyester being weather and UV-resistant, providing high colour stability.

Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016
Beige Grey
RAL 7006
Dusty Grey
RAL 7037

Why fire-rated Glass?

Due to the Grenfell disaster of 2017 and subsequent amendment to Part B of the Building Regulations, laminated glass is no longer permitted on high-rise residential balconies and terraces over 11 metres. As a result, architects and developers have since had to find other materials to construct balconies, such as steel. Despite complying with the new regulations, these alternatives did not always offer as much aesthetic appeal.

Laminated safety glass was previously prohibited because of the interlayer between its individual glass counterpanes. When the interlayer melts, flammable liquid droplets may form, which can fall to the balcony and floor below, spreading the fire to other materials, and allowing the fire to spread further. PVB is commonly used as this interlayer, which can melt in extreme heat and form flammable liquid droplets.



Due to recent developments in the market, glass can once again be used in these applications as a design solution. Of course, housebuilders and developers must take into consideration several factors to ensure the job is done safely.

The BS EN 12600 standard requires any glass installed to be impact-resistant, in addition to fire-resistant. The high-rise residential setting makes it imperative to ensure residents’ safety. The glass is first and foremost a safety product before it is aesthetically pleasing or architecturally valuable, so certain line load requirements must be met. In the event that someone leans on the glass or worse, falls into the balcony, it is crucial that the glass remains intact.

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What is the difference between the Clearview A2 Balconies and all Neaco’s other glass balconies?
The Building Safety Act states that laminated glass is not to be used on high rise buildings above 18m as it is deemed to be combustible. Our Clearview A2 Glass is A2 Fire Rated, specifically manufactured for high rise buildings based on the new law.
What if the glass breaks?
In the event of one of the toughened glasses breaking in the fire-resistant glass balustrade panel, the fragments of glass will stay adhered to the interlayer and will not fall off. Under normal circumstances, the unit itself will maintain rigidity, such that it will not collapse out of the balustrade construction under its own weight.
How is this laminated glass still classed as fireproof?
The glass is laminated with a fireproof interlayer made from a nanocomposite silica.
How is the laminated glass fireproof?
The glass is laminated with a fireproof interlayer made from a nanocomposite silica.
Why do the edges of the glass require an aluminium U-Profile?
Due to the nature of the glass, the glass has a 13mm border which must be shielded from direct UV with an appropriate U channel.
What is the warranty of this product?
Neaco Ltd. warrants that, subject to Requirements of Proper Handling and Installation, if properly installed in the agreed framing structure to protect the sealed edges the warranty period is 10 years. The failure of the product under this warranty must occur within the applicable warranty period. Proof of date of purchase of the product must be provided with any claim. And, the product must be available for inspection at Neaco Ltd.’s request.

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