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Neatdek Decking

The Modular Decking Range

Neatdek is the only modular decking solution on the market, designed to be versatile, providing solutions for all types of projects. Being A1 Fire-Rated also means it complies with the latest building legislation, making it the ultimate decking for all walkways and balconies.

Extremely Durable

Has a design life of 60+ years and comes with our 25 Year Warranty*


A1 – A2 Fire Rated and fully compliant with BS EN 13501-1

Utilising various T-section designs, Neatdek provides a range of drainage options to suit a variety of needs.

Superior Spanning Capabilities

Significantly reduces the number of structural supports needed

Environmentally Friendly

100% recyclability manufactured from 77% recycled aluminium

High Slip Resistance Ratings

Categorised as ‘low risk of slip’ in the PTV test data in the direction of travel

Our Modular Decking Solution

19mm Deep Neatdek                   25mm Deep Neatdek

38mm Deep Neatdek                   51mm Deep Neatdek


Pioneered with the concept of open and closed construction, our Neatdek uses an innovative ‘T’ bar profile with minimal gaps between bars, giving it superior strength and spanning capability for your decking needs. Neatdek has a specially engineered anti-slip surface, to ensure high slip resistance when wet along bars. Our Neatdek comes in various depths from 19mm to 51mm along with gap sizes of 5mm or 8mm depending on the application. It can also be coated in a range of durable colours to add to the aesthetic while still holding its slip resistance.

Decking options


Using our swage-locked construction gives your decking needs superior strength and spanning capability. It has a specially engineered anti-slip surface, to ensure high slip resistance when wet along bars.

Fire Rating: A1 Fire Rated
Surface contact area: 84% with widths of 5mm making it heel safe
Materials used: load-bearing bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T6 & swage bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T4
Recycled content: 77% (data available upon request) Free air rate 16% (5mm gap Neatdek)

Neatdek with inserts

Neaco also provides an alternative version of Neatdek compromising inserts within the gaps between the bars, still ensuring high slip resistance but also providing directional drainage and avoiding the need for a soffit.

Fire Rating: A2 Fire Rated
Surface contact area: 100% as the inserts provide full coverage
Materials used: load-bearing bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T6 & swage bars in Aluminium Alloy 6082 T4
Recycled content: 77% (finished product is also 100% recyclable)


Standard Colour Range

Our decking is manufactured in mill finish or can be powder-coated in a range of durable standard RAL colours. Neaco has its own in-house powder coating facilities which also allows us to provide any durable coated RAL colour of your choosing. The decking is put through our polyester powder-coating plant in our factory due to polyester being weather and UV-resistant, providing high colour stability.

Anthracite Grey
RAL 7016
Beige Grey
RAL 7006
Dusty Grey
RAL 7037


Our Neatdek features our unique swage-locked construction which provides high structural efficiency. The system is lightweight (1/3 of the weight of steel) yet high in load-bearing capacity.


Its maintenance-free qualities give it a clear advantage over timber decking which gets damaged by weathering and temperature fluctuations. Aluminium has a design life of 60 – 100 years, making it perfect for projects where access to maintenance is restricted.

Eco Friendly

Aluminium is 100% recyclable with no downgrading of its properties and very little energy required for re-melting. It can be recycled over and over again without loss of performance. This can increase the BREEAM rating on a project.

Safe Underfoot

Neaco’s technical team has incorporated improved performance capabilities such as anti-slip surfaces into our Neatdek aluminium grating, which is now widely specified for balcony flooring.


In the BS 476 Fire Test Series, it achieves the highest possible rating for Part 4 (Non-Combustibility test), Part 5 (Ignitibility Test), Part 6 (Fire Propagation Test) and Part 7 (Surface Spread of Flame Test).

Ask Us For a Quote

Our friendly, expert team are on hand to speak with you and advise on your requirements.


What is a Modular System?
Modular systems provide a vast range of modular components which are precision manufactured off-site to an exacting standard, delivered to the site and then assembled on-site. This means factory-controlled quality, faster installation, less mess, less waste and less energy consumption than products fabricated on-site.
Why do we use Aluminium?
Aluminium is a great building material for many reasons: it provides maintenance-free durability and is non-toxic, corrosive-free, non-combustible and 100% recyclable. It's also lightweight yet strong, which makes Techdek an ideal specification for applications such as roof access walkways. Aluminium's aesthetically pleasing properties can be further enhanced with coating or anodisation.
Does Neaco Install as well as Supply?
Yes, we provide a full installation service in addition to technical support and consultation throughout the specification process. Our team of experts is always on hand to assist at every stage.
What are the acoustic properties of Aluminium Decking?
This answer has many factors so an accurate answer is difficult. It depends on the weather, what is hitting the decking, the force, the weight etc. The best answer we can give is that you request a sample for your own peace of mind.
Does the aluminium decking get hot?
Aluminium dissipates heat very well as it has a thermal conductivity value of around 235 Watts per Kelvin per meter so it will take longer to warm up after receiving heat such as direct sunlight. As a result, the surface and core temperatures cool much faster than with other metals.
What is the maximum span?
We offer Neatdek in a range of depths most commonly the 38mm can be a maximum of 1625mm wide.
Do we offer a bespoke service?
Yes, absolutely. Over the years we have worked with numerous architects and designers to incorporate bespoke features outside of our standard specifications, including grilles installed at unusual angles and specially developed solar shading louvres in a powder-coated finish to match the colour scheme of the building. To accommodate existing building features we can manufacture grille panels with bespoke cut-outs to allow obstacles to pass through. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and adaptability of our technical support services, so please feel free to discuss your particular requirements with one of our team.

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