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Fire Safety

Current legislation expressly prohibits the use of combustible materials in buildings with a floor above 18m in height.

Although legislation allows for combustible materials below 18m, a government advice note released in January 2019 recommends that non-combustible materials should be used on residential projects regardless of building height. It is possible that, in time, this advice will become legislation.


How To Future-Proof Your Project

Decisions surrounding fire safety are constantly changing, be it legislation, NHBC recommendations or government advice.

In order to future-proof a project against any potential legislation changes, it would be wise to incorporate products that are able to achieve the highest possible fire rating.

As we manufacture all of our decking in our 52,500-square-foot factory in North Yorkshire, we are able to provide both A2 powder-coated decking and A1 aluminium mill finished decking.


Mill Finished Aluminium Decking

Choosing an aluminium mill finished decking option means that an A1 Fire Rating is achievable, which is the highest rating and the safest possible choice.

We are able to provide a mill finish to all of our modular decking options (Neatdek, Neatdek 188 and Neatdek HW) so any drainage, privacy and design requirements can be achieved.


Fade To Grey

The initial shiny appearance of aluminium can be off-putting in certain instances. However, it is important to note that, over time (usually between 1 – 12 months), aluminium will oxidise and create more of a light grey finish.


Other Benefits

As well as the aforementioned Fire Rating benefits that come with a mill-finished product, mill-finished decking is highly durable, virtually maintenance-free and comes with a class-leading 25-year guarantee.

If you’d like any further information about our modular decking options, or if you’d like to send us an enquiry, please call 01653 695 721, email us at or fill out our contact form here.


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