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Roof and Façade

Roof Walkway Systems and Façade Access Solutions

The Genesis Range

At Neaco, we offer both Roof access and Facade Access Solutions for developers, contractors and Architects. Our products are secure and durable and offer a long-term solution for access, cleaning and maintenance work. Our roof walkways provide a safe, secure and long-lasting system for all general access, cleaning and maintenance of any building exteriors and roofs.

Our systems include Roof Walkways and Faced Access Solutions that seamlessly integrate with Facade Systems to ensure comprehensive architectural excellence.

Modular Roof Walkway Systems

Neaco’s Roof Access Systems are meticulously customised to the layout of your roof, providing unhindered pedestrian access to congested areas. These systems adhere to all Health and safety regulations related to working at heights and responsibilities.

Our Walkway Systems come complete with guardrails and flooring made from aluminium. These systems incorporate Neaco support bases, ensuring simple positioning and levelling.

The Neaco design team delivers an engineered solution, offering comprehensive technical support including Project Specification, CAD drawings, BIM files, Load Management, and Wind Stability Calculations, as required.

Key Features of Neaco’s Roof Access Solutions and Facade Systems

Clear Pathways: With clearly marked on-roof demarcations, these pathways effectively prevent damage to the roof’s surface.

Suitable for All Roof Types: Designed to accommodate a variety of modern roof types, including trapezoidal, profile, composite, built-up, and standing seam metal roofs.

Adaptable to Various Roof Angles: This versatile roof walkway system can be customised for roof angles ranging from 0 to 15 degrees, and adjustments can be easily made on-site.

High Fire Safety Rating: The nylon treads boast a fire rating of Class HB of UL94, ensuring they pose no fire hazards.

Welding-Free Installation: Utilising tubular fittings and standard modules, these walkways can be installed on-site without the need for welding.

Exceptionally Durable: Offered in both aluminium and galvanised steel options, these walkways provide long-lasting protection, corrosion resistance, and robustness.

Modular to Fit Your Roof: Tailor-made platforms that precisely match your requirements, ensuring a secure way for your team to access even the most challenging roofs.

Enhanced Slip Resistance: Say goodbye to the threat of slipping on the roof. Our walkways incorporate durable treads with raised, textured sections for optimal traction.

Neaco stands out as a reliable partner for Roof Walkway Systems and Facade Access Solutions due to our experience, customisation capabilities, innovative designs, safety focus, quality materials, and commitment to customer satisfaction. If you are an architect, contractor, builder, or are in the property development industry, contact us today for a quote.