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Architects and designers have some important points to consider when choosing a handrails and balustrades supplier. Essentially, you need to ask a series of key questions and only select a handrails and balustrades supplier which answers each one in the affirmative…



1)     Does the handrails and balustrades supplier have the right credentials?


In other words – does the supplier have the necessary technical expertise to engage with complex design concepts, produce suitable solutions and provide reliable support throughout the supply process.  It’s also absolutely vital that the supplier can provide solutions which meet all compliance needs and Building Regulations.


With over 40 years in design and manufacturing, neaco’s expertise and credentials are impeccable. Our modular handrails and balustrade solutions offcially meet (and in many ways perform beyond) all Building Regulations. You can have peace of mind in knowing that we’re up to the task.


2)     Does the supplier use CAD-based design?


Three letters – CAD – speak volumes when it comes to handrails and balustrades design. Make sure that your supplier provides detailed CAD drawings – if they don’t, you’re risking a lot of technical innaccuracy and a misunderstanding of your specification.


neaco have been utilising CAD for decades – detailed CAD drawings are always supplied for approval of our customers’ specifications.


3)     Can they provide 3D visualisation software?


Better still, three other letters – BIM – provide even more benefits. Some suppliers are now utilising intelligent model-based Building Information Modelling (BIM) which is ideal for planning, design and construction. It offers a broad portfolio of tools for design and simulation which allow you to visualise your concept and the supplier’s proposed solution from all angles.


neaco now offer  a suite of BIM models from our extensive library – please contact our technical team for further details.


4)     Can the supplier provide professional structural calculations?


This is another essential – it basically guarantees that the supplier’s product meets the standards required by building inspectors. If they don’t, the result could be a drain on time and costs.


neaco’s handrails and balustrades systems offer a modular component-based system with structural calculations perfomed by independent engineers. It brings immediate peace of mind for our customers.




5)     Are the supplier’s products and materials fully tested?


You need to know that the handrails and balustrades can perform their safety and load-bearing requirements, especially elements like glass panel infills which require certain degrees of strength depending on the type or nature of the installation.


All of neaco’s handrails and balustrades are fully tested and we provide full test data available on request.


6)     Can the supplier provide a reliable source contact to deal with any concerns?


Ideally the supply process can be completed without any issues, but that can’t always be the case and if so you need to know that you have at least one person at the supplier’s end who you can turn to when you have a concern.


At neaco, we have a dedicated technical team assigned to your project – if an issue needs to be addresses, we have experts at hand.


7)     Am I getting value for money without compromising quality?


If the first six questions can be answered with a definite ‘yes’ and the quotation seems competitive, then you’ve found a suitable supplier! Remember that prices can vary as much as quality, so make sure you’ve got some assurances about both.


neaco offer a price match promise – we’re happy to provide a like-for-like quote for any design brief so you can make a direct comparision. We also have a class-leading Lifetime Guarantee proving that with neaco you truly get Modularity by Design – GUARANTEED!



If you’d like some more advice about choosing handrails and balustrades, please don’t hesitate to contact neaco’s team of experts.