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Neaco would like to congratulate our Sales Order Clerk, Christine Nicholson, on an incredibly impressive achievement in reaching a personal weight loss target of almost four stone – all within just seven months!

In the first week after Christmas 2016, Christine joined her local Slimming World group in Pickering with a view to shedding three stone and eleven pounds. Most people would have a slim chance of reaching that target by July, but Christine is known for bringing dedication and discipline to her role at Neaco and she has certainly applied those qualities to her weight loss regime.   Her scales now read nine stone and seven pounds, which represents a very healthy body mass index for someone of her height. Slimming World have awarded Christine a Certificate of Success in recognition of her achievement. She is pictured holding the certificate  and the picture to the left shows Christine just before Christmas 2016.

Well done, Christine – Neaco’s operation just considerably leaner!