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The danger of slipping and tripping is a lingering cause for concern for countless workplaces, especially in industrial environments, but welcome peace of mind is at hand with Techdek open mesh flooring, an innovative solution from Neaco which incorporates anti-slip qualities by design.

Based on an aluminum grille profile with a patented swage-locked structure, Techdek open mesh flooring  is available in a choice of slip-resistant surfaces with ribbed or serrated profiles. The system is fully load-bearing yet lightweight and easy to install. The open grille allows liquid and waste to drain below the surface a for large displacement area between and below the foot contact area.

Neaco’s National Sales manger, Peter Melia, said: “Our technical team specifically designed the Techdek open mesh flooring profiles to provide a sure foot contact area whilst being able to quickly and effectively disperse liquid below it.  This is an especially useful performance element in industrial environments, where waste can create slippery conditions, but it’s also valuable in kitchens and other workplaces where surface liquid can be a major hazard. Techdek is also available for use in stair treads.”

Designed for modular construction with a simple fixing system that requires no welding for assembly, panels come in a choice of standard sizes and thicknesses but can also be cut to bespoke dimensions. Structural efficiency is achieved by swage locking in which the swage bar passes through the load bar without cutting into the top or bottom edge, thus providing a panel of great rigidity and strength. Precision engineered to the most exacting standards at Neaco’s in-house facilities, Techdek is manufactured from fully recyclable aluminium which is corrosion and fire resistant.

Approximately one third of the weight of steel panels of similar form, Techdek’s lightweight industrial open mesh flooring panels retain a high residual value and are virtually maintenance-free. Aluminium extrusions provide a high quality and aesthetically pleasing finish, often difficult to achieve with other materials, and a feature can be made of the panels by anodising or powder coating.

Industrial open mesh flooring