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 A luxury development of contemporary apartments in Blaby has joined the long list of residential projects to specify Neacos’s all-in-one modular balcony solutions.

The three-storey complex includes our walk-on balconies which come complete with a full provision of modular balcony components including stanchions, toprails, glass infill panels, and grille flooring. Our modular balconies are manufactured and assembled at the factory stage for a fast installation which minimises time, energy consumption and waste on-site. The development also includes our glass Juliet balconies which offer the same qualities based on a similar modular balcony construction.

Neaco has experienced exceptional growth in demand for our modular balconies in recent years, thanks in no small measure to increasing concerns about fire safety in apartment developments. The rails, stanchions, and open grille decking are manufactured from aluminium, a lightweight yet strong metal that has an A1 Fire Rating – the highest achievable score for non-combustibility. It is especially advantageous for the flooring element – the fireproof quality of our aluminium system makes it a safer alternative to timber, GRP, and composite decking. The flooring also has a surface that is specially engineered for slip resistance and offers fast, efficient drainage which disperses rainwater without the need for drainpipes or soffits.

Neaco’s modular balconies also provide stylishly contemporary looks and maintenance-free durability thanks to non-chip finishes applied to the balustrade. The toughened glass can be supplied clear or tinted with the option of applied graphics. We also supply modular balustrade solutions for a wide variety of architectural elements, including stairs, mezzanine floors, guard rails, partitions, barriers and access walkways. Our balustrade systems are available in aluminium, stainless steel or a combination of the two. Aluminium is offered in a wide range of solid colour and metallic finishes as well as a wood-effect finish.

Neaco’s grille systems are extremely versatile and offer a wide range of other architectural applications, including roof walkways, solar shading, screening, cladding and staging. All products are backed by a class-leading Lifetime Guarantee.