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Neaco’s range of structural glass balustrade is available with a choice of fabric inserts which can add colour, texture and style to design schemes.

We offer a variety of elegant and contemporary textile options, including an innovative, net-like honeycomb pattern creating a semi-transparent effect with a stretchy 3D fabric that’s very eye-catching when laminated between the glass balustrade. Alternatively, you can choose a voile insert offering a metallic shimmer and filigree embroidery lace work for a contemporary, extravagant air.  The technique, which was first used in 1883 in St. Gallen, includes a process where the underlying base cloth for the embroidery is washed away, leaving behind pure lace. A roll width of 2950mm opens up a multitude of uses and allows this particular  pattern to be positioned vertically or horizontal within the panel. Other options include a satin glass in one of the panels to create a stunning translucent panel allowing light through but no vision, or two clear glasses to allow broken vision through the panel of the glass balustrade. Each textile option is available in a range of attractive colours.

glass balustrades

As well as structural glass Neaco’s Spectrum modular handrail and balustrades range offers a comprehensive choice of design options, including railed balustrade, perforated panels and tension wire  infills. Characterized by smooth, clean lines, powder coated aluminium handrails and balustrades are available in a wide variety of solid, metallic and wood-effect finishes which are warm to the touch and maintenance-free. Alternatively, hand finished, satin polished stainless steel components provide clean, sharp intersection lines created by true unidirectional polishing. Neaco’s Duplex system forms an attractive combination between the stainless steel and aluminium versions.

For industrial environments we offer mill-finished balustrade which are extremely durable, fully recyclable and corrosion-free. Neaco’s portfolio also includes balconies, inclusive bathroom facilities and aluminium open grille systems.