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Designing a balcony for your construction scheme can be a daunting prospect. With that in mind, we’ve outlined five key considerations which should inform your decision and ensure that you’re happy with your choice. 



1 Ensure the design provides a safe installation


With safety foremost in any decision you make, balconies should be designed in accordance with BS 6180:2011 with balustrade that meets the minimum horizontal imposed loads stated in BSEN 1991-1-1:2002.








2 Use materials which minimise maintenance


Balconies, like any external feature, are subject to environmental conditions which can cause material deterioration. You need to choose choose metals which are resistant to various weather conditions – especially in changeable climates like the UK.








3 Consider its effect on the natural light of the building


Choose designs which allow more solar penetration to give interiors a spacious, airy feel – natural light can lift a room’s appearance. Maximum use of glass can maximise the benefits of sunlight.




4 Make sure the flooring provides privacy


The balcony flooring must  restrict the view as much as possible to maintain privacy whilst maintaining  efficient drainage capability .





5 Consider how easy it is to assemble and install


When you admire a pristine balcony on the pages of a brochure or website, it’s worth considering what was required to achieve the finished article. How easy is it to assemble and will you be expected to supply your own fitters or fit it yourself? For more information please visit our Members Area to download a full guide on balcony design.  Alternatively, please contact one of our experts for advice on all aspects of balcony design and installation – call 01653 695721 or enquire via our Contact page.



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