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We love aluminium here at Neaco, but we know that the aesthetic can sometimes be a bit too much of a contrast from traditional decking, for certain developments. This is why we are excited to announce our new Durable Colour Coating range. As part of our standard range, we currently have three contemporary colours to choose from; Anthracite Grey (RAL 7016), Dusty Grey (RAL 7037) and Chocolate Brown (RAL 8017). Of course, if something different is required, we can coat to any required RAL colour.

Neaco Standard Colours

This coating range is highly durable and was created especially for coating aluminium components used in modern-day external architecture. Additionally, they have all the necessary requirements for approval under Qualicoat Class 2 Category 1, so rest assured our durable colour coatings will stay looking beautiful and new for longer.

The thermosetting powder contains polyester resins cured with fit curing agents specially selected for their hard-wearing properties, outstanding colour retention, and superior resistance to UV radiation and outdoor weathering.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing and highly durable, our colour coatings are able to achieve top marks for fire rating when applied onto any of our aluminium decking options; this means that they are fully compliant with the new building regulations that came into place in December 2018. These building regulations prevent the use of flammable building materials in external wall systems and balconies on residential buildings with a floor above 18m from the ground. Further details about this can be found here.

As with any coated product, these coatings will be damaged if subjected to the impact of a heavy or sharp object falling or scraping on the surface.

Neaco’s Managing Director, Alan Green says, “we’re very excited about adding the new durable colour coating range to our offerings. It is going to enable architects to closely replicate the look of more conventional decking materials and allow them to produce more varied designs, while reaping all of the benefits that aluminium offers, such as being fire resistant, robust and lightweight”.

Although we’re big fans of the natural aluminium, we also love the look that is achieved by applying the durable colour coatings. We believe that these hard-wearing coatings enhance our aluminium products and can increase the aesthetic of any development.

If you’d like to order a sample of our new standard colours, please get in touch HERE.