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Neaco modular balconies provide an all-in-one solution and are manufactured to your specific design requirements.

An All-In-One Solution

In partnership with Ancon (part of the Leviat brand), we are able to provide an all-encompassing solution that includes stub brackets, thermal breaks, cantilever arms, balcony bases, soffits, modular, Fire Rated decking and balustrade systems. As well as all of the physical elements that make up a balcony, we provide specialist technical help and structural calculations specific to every individual project.

Balcony Bases

The bases of our modular balconies are manufactured from 100% recyclable aluminium, making them an environmentally-friendly solution that could help to increase a project’s BREEAM score. Aluminium is an extremely lightweight yet durable metal so this, along with the glide-on system that is incorporated, allows for a quick and easy installation. This glide-on system also allows us to adhere to the requirements outlined in BS 8579 2020, which condemns any balcony design that calls for workers to be beneath the balcony during installation.

Balcony Decking

Neaco modular balconies are unique as the main elements of the balcony – the decking and balustrade – are also of modular construction. Our modular decking is manufactured in bespoke-sized panels so the fixing of the final sections, after the balcony install, is extremely quick and no additional cutting is required. We manufacture a variety of modular decking options that cater to different drainage, privacy and aesthetic requirements (soffits can also be provided if needed).


A free-draining solution as standard but can be installed with inserts to make it directionally draining.

Neatdek 188

Incorporates an overlapping surface that provides complete privacy while also allowing water and other liquids to drain freely.

Neatdek HW

Constructed with an integrated drainage channel to allow for a directional drainage solution.

Balcony Balustrade

The aesthetic requirements for modular balconies can be extremely varied, which is why our modular balustrades are available in a wide range of configurations. Our balustrade systems are manufactured from aluminium, stainless steel or a mixture of both with a vast selection of infill options; structural glass, toughened glass with stanchions, and vertical infill are just some of the options available. As with all Neaco products, our balustrade systems are manufactured to bespoke requirements.


All materials that we incorporate into our modular balconies are A1-A2 Fire Rated, are non-combustible and adhere to all of the latest building regulations and government advice regarding fire safety.

Colour Options

We manufacture all of our products in our 52,000 square foot manufacturing facility in North Yorkshire. Within this facility, we have our own powder coating plants, where we are able to powder coat to any required RAL colour in both nylon and polyester.

For more information, or to send us a modular balcony enquiry, call 01653 695 721 or email