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Since the 2018 Building (Amendment) Regulations and the 2019 & 2020 government advice notes regarding combustible materials on building exteriors, a wave of refurbishment projects have entered the market.

Immediate Removal is Advised

Though legislation now states that newly built residential buildings with floors above 18m cannot incorporate combustible materials, it is the government advice notes that advise immediate removal of such materials from existing materials regardless of floor height.

Local Authorities and Building Owners

Many local authorities and private building owners have succumbed to the pressure of the government advice notes and public demand so have started making plans to remove and replace combustible materials on building exteriors with safer products.

The Issue with Refurbishment Projects

The trouble with removing and replacing materials, such as balcony decking and balustrade, is that it can be extremely disruptive to existing residents. Noise, dust and light pollution from building work can all be a great hindrance to existing residents. In some cases, access to homes could be blocked and alternative accommodation may be required, which is not only a major inconvenience for residents but would come at a significant cost to local authorities/building owners. Another consideration would be that, once residents find out that the refurbishment is due to the removal of combustible materials surrounding their homes, concern for safety will grow.

The Modular Solution

Each of these issues would benefit from the fast solution that modular products provide. Modular products are manufactured in multiples that are then combined on site to form the complete system; this means that the time on site is vastly reduced. As well as less time on site, the disruption to residents caused by noise, dust and light pollution is reduced.

Our Range of Modular Products

We have a range of modular and Fire Rated products at Neaco, including aluminium balcony decking, balustrades and full balcony solutions. All of our products are manufactured in our purpose-built manufacturing facility in North Yorkshire to your bespoke requirements.

If you would like to speak with one of our specialists about how our modular products could benefit your refurbishment project, please call 01653 695 721 or fill out our contact form here.

Modular Neatdek Aluminium Decking