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neaco are experiencing a major growth of business within the residential sector following the specification of our structural glass balcony systems in a wide range of apartment projects.


The rejuvenation of the UK’s property market and the house-building industry has seen a surge in demand for neaco’s contemporary glass-fronted balconies designed for high aesthetic value, easy installation and durability. The company has completed a series of specifications in the past 12 months and several major orders have been secured for new developments due for completion later this year.


neaco’s UK Business Development Manager, Peter Melia, said: “Demand for our balconies reached a peak almost ten years ago, prior to the downturn in the economy and the housing market, but the recovery of the residential sector has seen demand return to an even higher level in 2015. We recently undertook a recruitment drive for site fitters and our installation team has quadrupled in size in the past two months. We have also recruited another CAD Technician with specific responsibility for managing our ongoing and future balcony specifications.”


“Most of the demand is being attracted from the luxury end of the market with high-specification apartments which require superior kerb appeal. The stylish contemporary aesthetic of our Juliet and walk-on balconies is an ideal match for this type of development. Their eco-friendly construction, with minimal waste and no energy-consuming hot works required for installation, is also a key feature in a sector which values sustainability.”


neaco’s product range also includes balustrade, adaptive bathing facilities and aluminium open grilles for flooring, screening and shading applications.