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Roof Access Walkway Systems

The Genesis Range

Braceless, lightweight, and slip-resistant, our Genesis Walkways provide you with the ultimate all-in-one solution for Roof Walkways.

In Our Element

Manufactured from 6063 T4 / T6 Aluminium to the BS EN 755 standard series

Fully Compliant

Conforms to BS EN 14122-3:2016 and achieves loads up to and including a 0.74kN/m loading


A1 Fire Rated and fully compliant with BS EN 13501-1

Access walkway panels are lightweight for ease of handling yet strong in construction with a unique swage-locked design.




Being lightweight and non-corrosive, it is an ideal choice for environments where non-slip qualities are paramount

Swage-Locked Design

50-tonne hydraulic press compressing the swage bars to lock the load-bearing bars in place


Handrails meet high loads without the need for bracing

High Pitches

Systems can accommodate up to 35° roof pitches utilising our seam clips

Genesis Roof Access Walkways

Our Genesis Roof Walkways offer the ultimate access solution. All pre-manufactured off-site for ease of installation, our braceless and lightweight guardrails, combined with our anti-slip aluminium flooring, produces a system that will protect users in the most hazardous of environments.

︳Minimal assembly required on-site   ︳

︳No welding on-site required   ︳

︳Components are pre-drilled*   ︳

︳No Braces required for balustrades   ︳

︳Third-Party Tested   ︳


Genesis Walkways provide exceptional technical performance and suitability for pitches of up to 35 degrees. Our roof access walkway, Genesis, has been designed to adapt to the most demanding structural and environmental conditions with high technical capability and suitability for installation on roof pitches of the higher gradient.



The Walkway can be clamped to the roof profile where feasible without penetration of the sheeting. Aluminium extrusions provide a high-quality, aesthetically pleasing finish, often difficult to achieve with other materials. Anodising or powder coating options are available to make a feature of the panels. Gensis’ handrail is unique as it can act as a stand-alone balustrade as well as part of a walkway system.

Walkway Open Grille Panel Options

All our access walkway grilles provide safe, secure and long-term access solutions for general access, cleaning and maintenance of building exteriors and roofs. All our panels are lightweight for ease of handling yet strong in construction, with a unique swage-locked design which provides high structural efficiency and an impressive load-bearing capacity. A serrated surface can be specified for the highest slip resistance. Walkways are available with integral handrail systems on one or both sides.

Flooring Combinations

No Handrail, No Toeboard
1 Rail, No Toeboard
2 Rails, No Toeboard
1 Rail, 1 Toeboard
1 Rail, 2 Toeboards
2 Rails, 1 Toelboard
2 Rails, 2 Toeboards

Fixing Clips

Standard Seam Clip
Over 4.5 Seam Clip
2.4 - 3.5 Extended Clip
3.6 to 5.1 Extended Clip
5.2 to 7.1 Extended Clip
Over 7.1 Extended Clip
Trapezoidal Clip

Decking Options


Flat Bar is an open grille type flooring that utilises our traditional rectangular load-bearing bars which are secured into position by our unique swage locking process. They have a surface contact area of 10.6% (3mm Flat Bar) or 16% (5mm Flat Bar) and are available In 3.2mm and 4.8mm widths.



Our serrated option provides a positive anti-slip surface to suit the most demanding of situations. The Serrated Flat Bar achieved the highest rating (R13) when tested for slip resistance. To achieve this rating the flooring surface must maintain a non-slip condition at an angle in excess of 35°.




Incorporating our swage-locking technology to create a handsome, lightweight and structurally efficient open grille panel, N-I BAR achieves a high strength-to-weight ratio and is available in four different depths. The 6.5mm bar has a 21% contact surface area which is larger than that offered by traditional flooring.



Trapezoidal Roofs

Benefits of Trapezoidal

Panels in lengths for easy handling

Made from 100% recyclable materials

kicking plate is available

Easy to cut on site

Fixing system

Available for roof pitches up to 35°

Handrail to one or both sides

Suitable for Trapezoidal Roofs

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Why use Aluminium?
Aluminium is a great building material for many reasons: it provides maintenance-free durability and is also non-toxic, corrosive-free, non­combustible and 100% recyclable - a particularly useful feature for our Genesis industrial system designed for eco-friendly performance in the harshest environments. The permanent finish of neaco's nylon powder coating - a standard specification on most Spectrum systems - provides smooth, clean lines for comfortable touch and high aesthetic value. It's also worth noting that our stainless steel systems provide many similar benefits.
Do neaco install the product as well as supply it?
Yes, we provide a full installation service in addition to technical support and consultation throughout the specification process. Our team of experts is always on hand to assist at every stage.
Do neaco offer bespoke solutions?
Yes, absolutely. Over the years we have worked with numerous architects and designers to incorporate bespoke features outside of our standard specifications, including light fittings to the top of stanchions, etched designs to glass infills and structural glass installed at unusual angles. We pride ourselves on the flexibility and adaptability of our technical support services, so please feel free to discuss your particular requirements with one of our team.

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