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The fast-paced lifestyles that we all lead today means that public places are receiving a high-volume of pedestrian traffic and, where there are people, there are microbes such as bacteria.

With this in mind, we’re introducing new antimicrobial coatings as an option for our adaptive bathing products and balustrade systems. These coatings contain quality controlled antimicrobial technology that provides an additional level of protection against microbial growth.

24-hour protection 7 days a week is provided for the lifetime of the product (as long as the coating is not damaged) and will not wear off or wash out. For additional assurance, the coatings are regularly validated and independently quality control tested.

The antimicrobial coatings are designed to be easily maintained and will help to prevent odours, stains and deterioration. As well as this, an extensive range of colours, textures and special finishes are available, making them suitable for all requirements and applications.

Extra Protection for Adaptive Bathing Products

The antimicrobial coatings are ideal for use with our adaptive bathing product range. Our product range is not only suitable for domestic settings but is also a popular choice for care homes, hospitals, other medical environments and public restrooms – all of which require the highest levels of hygiene, durability and easy maintenance so would benefit from the additional protection that these coatings provide.

Ideal for Handrail and Balustrade Systems

Handrails and balustrades receive a high-volume of pedestrian traffic, which allows microbes such as bacteria, to grow and spread more rapidly.

By incorporating an anti-microbial coating, the growth of microbes on these surfaces will be vastly reduced; this is a very important requirement in settings that receive this level of use and have an obvious need to maintain a hygienic environment such as medial establishments, gyms, airports, sport centres, schools and care homes.

The antimicrobial coating is durable, easy to maintain and provides the stylish and modern aesthetics that would complement any architectural design.

Further Information

For further information about our adaptive bathing range, balustrade systems or the anti-microbial coatings, please email or call 01653 695 721.

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