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Neaco customers appreciate our ability to ease that pressure, untangle the complexities and enable better decision-making. It’s one of the reasons why we attract so much repeat business. With that in mind, we’ve outlined five compelling differences which set Neaco apart.


Design and manufacturing know-how

In 2022, Neaco celebrated its 50th birthday. We’ve invested in technical design and product development across five decades in construction. We cover every stage of development under one roof, from technical support to manufacturing and installation.

Neaco brings that knowledge, commercial awareness and expertise to every project.  We offer advice, suggestions and trouble-shooting solutions which transform specifications and often influence the direction of the wider project.

We’ve been ahead of the curve on regulatory standards and best practices, advocating non-combustible balcony solutions long before post-Grenfell laws made them mandatory.

Many manufacturers and suppliers simply don’t have that experience to draw on. There are no shortcuts to gaining 50 years’ worth of know-how.


Value  across the supply chain

The raw figures of a quotation never tell the whole story. When managing the overall cost of a project, there’s a big difference between the price of an individual product and the value it brings to the rest of the supply chain.

For example, Neaco’s modular systems are designed for fast, fuss-free installation. Reducing time on site reduces reliance on expensive ancillary services (e.g. scaffolding) which can add up to huge savings.

Our decking is manufactured from lightweight aluminium and designed for outstanding load-bearing capacity, requiring much less supporting steelwork for balcony applications. That’s another significant cost saving which you won’t see at the bottom of a quotation document.

Neaco is competitive on price, but our solutions also deliver outstanding added value across the construction timeline.


Data-driven for instant compliance

Neaco’s product development is driven by performance data, compliance and best practice. Our standardised modular systems have already been fully tested to meet project requirements, with all third-party data and supporting documents instantly available to confirm compliance with Building Regulations and industry guidance.

Contrast that with a bespoke fabricated solution which has never been tested for project requirements and has no historical data. The answer has to be tested from scratch, causing a major delay in lead times and impacting the progress of a project.

Our ready-made compliance provides total peace of mind and streamlines design and specification.


Sustainability credentials

Everything about Neaco, from design principles to manufacturing processes, serves sustainable development and carbon reduction. Our pre-engineered modular systems tick every box: 100% recyclable materials, virtually zero waste, minimal time and environmental impact on site, reduced energy consumption and reduced carbon footprint from transportation. Our products have played a key role in countless projects which have won sustainability awards or received BREEAM Outstanding ratings.


Made and sourced in the UK

We manufacture all our products in our 52,500-square-foot facility in North Yorkshire. We also source 100% of our raw materials in the UK, supporting other British businesses and protecting ourselves from global supply chain issues and spiralling energy prices which have driven up the cost of international logistics. We can keep our transportation costs down and our lead times fast.


At Neaco, we’re proud to call ourselves a company which combines over 50 years of heritage with a forward-thinking, innovative approach which meets the demands of today’s construction industry and supports a better future for our planet.

With five decades of experience behind us, we are years ahead of our competitors on every metric that matters.