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Our Factory

52,500 sq. ft.

Neaco sees the importance of having every stage of the manufacturing process at one location, from survey to installation, it smoothes and improves the entire process.

  • All products are manufactured in-house in our 52,500 sq. ft. Factory
  • All materials are designed and engineered in the UK
  • Over fifty years experience working with Aluminium and Stainless Steel

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Manufacture Supply  Install

Neaco thrives from having all our expertise under one roof. It means communication is at the forefront of our work. We can support projects at every stage of development and we love to watch the schemes we are involved with become complete. Manufacture is a huge part and here’s why:

Every Stage

The factory layout provides sight of every stage of the manufacturing process. Creating speed and efficiency

Powder Coating

Neaco has its own in-house powder coating facilities to provide durable RAL colour coatings of your choice

Swage Lock

A 150-tonne hydraulic press creates the unique swage-locking technology on all our flooring products

52,500 sq ft

Our factory is an impressive 52,500 sq ft so we have plenty of room for further growth

Our Process

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